GeoVisuals Software

GeoVisuals Software

Videos embed with spatial coordinates, especially when combined with additional expert insights, offer the potential to acquire fine scale multi time period contextualized data for a variety of different environments. These geospatial multimedia (GSMM) data include abundant spatiotemporal, semantic and visual information. GeoVisuals software utilizes a visual analysis approach which enables data management in a unified database with combined spatio-temporal and text querying. A set of visualization functions are integrated in two investigation modes: geo-video analysis and geo-location analysis.

Data Statement
All the data used in this package is synthetic. While actual narratives were consulted to provide a “real world experience”, the actual text, and corresponding locations have been created. Therefore, the pattern, association, or any meaning gleaned from data supplied with this software is not “real”. The code is also available on figshare, accessible via: 10.6084/m9.figshare.11629095.

More details of this software can be found in a published paper at
GeoVisuals: a visual analytics approach to leverage the potential of spatial videos and associated geonarratives, Suphanut Jamonnak, Ye Zhao, Shamal AL-Dohuki, Andrew Curtis, Xinyue Ye, Farah Kamw, Jing Yang, International Journal of Geographical Infor mation Science (IJGIS), 2020, Taylor & Francis.

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Software Download:

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Software Requirements:
  • Node.js (Download latest version HERE)
  • RAM: 4GB of memory or above
  • Windows 10 & Macintosh (Sierra or above)
  • Windows: GitBash (Optional)

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