GeoVideo Mobile Application

GeoVideo Mobile Application

GeoVideo is developed by GeoVisuals project team at Kent State University. The goal is to bridge the gap between the diversity of needs from researchers and practitioners and data challenges often encountered "in the field".

GeoVideo is designed for users to capture visual information while walking or driving on a path in the field (i.e., a trip). Meanwhile, they can collect location-related audio narrations by themselves or from information providers. GeoVideo app records videos and audios together with corresponding GPS streams of geolocation coordinates. GeoVideo works without internet, it is totally based on phone and GPS functions.

The captured data can be transferred to desktops, or clouds by connecting with visual analytics systems in GeoVisuals project. Users can then perform interactive data exploration and analysis of spatial videos, photos and narratives.

Please click to check HERE for the description of GeoVisuals project and software.

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  • Requirements:
    • User can capture each video at maximum of 30 minutes
    • The maximum size of each captured video is 5GB

  • Tutorial Videos:
  • The video shows how to use GeoVideo App.