Trajectory Datasets

A trajectory dataset consists of a set of trips. A trip refers to a trajectory in a specific period which is defined by users in the raw data. A trip includes a consecutive set of spatial sampling points, typically measured by its geolocation and timestamp. TrajAnalytics supports users to upload their raw trajectory datasets in CSV format with comma-separated values. Each data item refers to one sampling point. The values should include geolocations (longitude, latitude), trip ID, timestamp, and speed (optional). Here trip ID indicates which trip this point belongs to. Speed is optional. A short video about how this software module works can be found HERE.

Sample DataSet

If you don't have your own data set, you can start getting familiar with TrajAnalytics Data Loading Module by using the sample data sets provided in this page. Three open taxi trajectory data sets for different cities are provided and all have been tested with TrajAnalytics.

  • Porto City Taxi DataSet: An accurate dataset describing trajectories performed by 442 taxis running in the city of Porto, in Portugal. More information about this data can be found HERE.
  • NY City Taxi DataSet: It covers four years of taxi operations in New York City and includes 697,622,444 trips. More information about this data can be found HERE.
  • Rome City Taxi DataSet: This dataset contains mobility traces of taxi cabs in Rome, Italy. It contains GPS coordinates of approximately 320 taxis collected over 30 days. More information about this data can be found HERE.

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