Data Visualization Lab

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About Us

This research lab, led by Professor Ye Zhao, conducts cutting-edge research in data management, analysis, and visualization for a variety of real-world applications. The multi-disciplinary, impactful research program provides a broad scope for knowledge discovery in multiple domains. A large group of MS and PhD students have contributed to the research work, since the lab was established in 2006 in the Department of Computer Science, Kent State University, by Dr. Zhao. A set of recent projects with open-source software are listed below. More research projects and related publications can be found at HERE



A Free Software for Visually Exploring Urban Trajectories


A Visual Analytics System of Geospatial-Semantic Event Data in Localized Neighborhoods within a Larger City, Town, Suburb or Rural Area


Capturing, Managing, and Utilizing GeoSpatial Multimedia Data for Collaborative Field Research


Data Collection and Visualization Tool for Gaining Community Knowledge from Videos and Narratives


A Visual Designer for Layer-wise Relevance Propagation Models of Deep Learning Explanation

Tutorial and Workshops